Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best of buddies

I've been slack to say the least about my blog lately. It seems like our weekdays are full, and our weekends are even fuller. I've had loads of pictures to go through and am finally making some progress. To please those of you who are going through Roop Group blogging withdrawals, here are some precious pictures of my kids. It seems like wherever you find one of my kids these days, you will find the other close by. That doesn't mean they are always as loving as these next pictures will show, but they have their moments. I found these two one morning after breakfast. As I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes, they got really quiet... which usually means trouble. This time however they were simply sitting together in these little totes feeding their babies. Aside from the mess they made when dumping out the toys stored in the totes, this was very sweet.
Drew acting embarrassed :)
Drew LOVES to be read to, and lucky for him Raegan loves to read... or at least tell the story that the pictures seem to tell. But since Drew can't read either, he doesn't seem to mind her "Cliff's notes" versions. Here the two are snuggled up on the couch reading a Christmas book. (Hey we still sing Christmas songs too)

And my little wet heads after bath one night. How do you like Drew's Fo-hawk?
Don't worry, I'll do better at posting.
(at least I'll try)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raegan's version of Jesus's Birth

This morning Raegan was "reading" the story of Jesus birth for a little pop-up book to Drew and I just had to share it. Her version is hilarious. I will be sure to provide interpretations, but I'm pretty sure if you know the story you can figure it out.

"A boy and his Grandma (that would be Joseph and Mary) were riding a horse to a new hill. (Bethlehem is on a hill in the book) All the people said, you can only sleep with the cows over there. (there was no room for them in the inn) Then a fairy came and said hi to the sheeps. (the angel appeared to the shepherds and their sheep) Then the boys (wise men) rode camels and looked at a pretty star in the sky. All the boys and girls and animals were happy and kept looking in the box (mary and joseph and all the animals are smiling at baby Jesus in the manger). The fairies (angels) came back and brought a star and the grandma (Mary) was holding Jesus and the cows and the boys (wise men) were all happy. The end!"

She got the point of the story, but I could hardly contain my laughter at her interpretation. I'm not sure why poor Mary had to be a Grandma and Joseph got to be a boy. We've got a little work to do on working out the details, like Angels are NOT fairies. But for now, I'm gonna enjoy her 3 year old version.