Thursday, June 23, 2011

Down a lens...

Thanks to sweet baby Callie (and her mama's carelessness) my Nikon D40 full focus lens, which is the one I use everyday, is now broken. That leaves me currently with only my zoom lens, perfect for distance and close ups... not so perfect for photographing our daily life. I hope to be able to purchase a new lens soon, but they aren't cheap! Until then, please enjoy all the close ups we can take. Here is Callie having a good time with her Grandad.
A Gerber face if I've ever seen one.I love the expression that comes out of those giant eyes!

This is by far my favorite picture EVER of my mom and dad!

This one isn't so bad either :)

I had to show this one of my sneaky little man trying to get in the picture.

Is he a stud or what.

And we will follow our little stud, with our little diva.

Her absolute favorite part of dance is performing on the big stage. Are we surprised???

Monday, June 6, 2011

Favorite pictures

I have been so slack recently about posting. (sorry dad :) I have just preferred to be outside, or at the pool, or making cupcakes , or taking a nap with my children than sitting at the computer. Here are some of our favorite pictures of the kids lately. This may be a long one...

Preschool is finally over, and Raegan has "graduated" from the 4 year program. Funny thing is, we decided to hold her back one more year, so I guess she will be graduating from 4 year preschool again next year. Regardless, our oldest never misses the chance to be on stage in the spotlight. She spent most of the ceremony waving to all her adoring fans.Here she is reciting Hey Diddle Diddle with her best buddy, Carter.Now that schools out for summer, let the water play dates begin! We have taken full advantage of Sonya's blow up water slide pool. It promises hours of fun, and nice long naps :)Macie and Raegan needed a break from all the play.

Callie spends most of our outdoor play dates under her little shade tent. As long as she has some children to watch, she is just fine.

Sonya's niece, Addison is about 2 months younger than Callie (but with those cheeks, Addison looks older) and already these two are BFFs. They look like they are asking each other what their crazy mothers are doing throwing them into this water slide pool with all those crazy children.
I love those chubby cheek toothless grins!

Drew is always up to something, and here he decided to ride his toy down the hill.

I just wish you could have heard him yelling "Woo Hoo, watch me go"

Callie always has a grin for her brother and sister.

I just LOVE those eyes.

Callie has also been sporting a new hairdo. I just love the "pebbles" ponytail. This has to be my favorite picture of Raegan in a long time. She was laughing so hard, and every time I see it I just want to laugh with her.

Raegan also got her first pair of glasses. Hot pink glasses, of course! And thankfully, we splurged the extra $25 for insurance. She hasn't had them a month and already broke the first pair.

And last, but not least, a sweet picture of my handsome little man. He just can't get much cuter!