Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why is it that the minute the mom of the house gets sick, the kids IMMEDIATELY get extremely whiny and needy? Needless to say, I muddled through today on auto-pilot (or survival mode) and am ready for bed. I always have high hopes, and want to have at least one productive thing come out of each day... today however we didn't even come close. I'm just glad that the kids are tucked in bed, and all I have left to do is take a bath and go to bed.
It was a great surprise for the kids, however, to awake to a snow covered yard. We had maybe 1 1/2 inches of snow, but Drew and Raegan were both ecstatic! Raegan just HAD to got outside and see the snow for herself. So we spent a good 10 minutes getting her all bundled up so she could go play in the snow. That lasted a whole 2 minutes until she came to the door and said, "the snow is getting me and it's too cold". She did look really cute all bundled up.Isn't this sweet of my little man looking out at the snow. He didn't really know what it was, but he knew it must be exciting since his big sister was going crazy. At one point, Raegan said "It's snowing, Christmas is here" Who knew that she would remember that Christmas came with the snow.
She enjoyed standing at the front door and watching it snow from a distance much better than actually getting up close and personal with it though. This was such a sweet picture (and yes she is dressed like a pumpkin) We tried on her costume, and she loved it. She loved it so much, that she wore it around the house all afternoon!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Princesses, siblings, and Camels?!

This is kind of a hodge-podge of pictures, but I've got lots of them to put up and little time to do it. So, here we have Princess Raegan. She is quite the girly little thing now, and she loves to dress up and prance around calling herself... Princess Raegan. Chrisa, just so you know, everyone who wears a dress gets to be a "princess like Ms. Christa" . You left quite an impression on my daughter in your wedding dress :)I'm not sure who her stylist is, but we might have to fire them :)Here are a couple of pictures I took of the kids together. Forgive me for having Raegan just in her little panties, but we are in serious potty training mode. She has been doing great, and has worn her"big girl panties" for a solid week. She has gone several days without a big accident! YIPPY!
Drew didn't seem like he was too interested in a hug, but his sister was all about giving a little affection.
And, of course, the sweet hug turned into a tackle. Don't worry, no one got hurt and Drew enjoyed that more than the hug. :)
This boy REALLY needs a haircut!A couple of weekends ago, Mamaw and Papaw took Raegan and Drew to Burkes Garden to see (and maybe ride) the camels. Here is Raegan and Papaw Lester checking the big camels out. Mamaw said she liked the baby goats better than the camels.
Drew didn't know what to think about those things.
Here she is admiring the baby goats. Raegan decided that after one of the camels spit at her, she didn't want to ride him after all. They had a great time anyways checking out the animals.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little late

Drew is so easily tickled, and I just happened to finally get his rolling laughter on video. Funny thing is, I was just saying "Get that outta there" referring to his paci. For some reason, he thought that was hysterical. Halfway through, he tried to eat my camera. Here is the short but oh-so-sweet footage.

Okay, I know that I'm REALLY late on getting Drew's 9 month pictures up, but once you see them you may realize why. His new found mobility doesn't make him want to sit still, so these are the best that I got (after several attempts). Most of the others were of the top of his head, or his backside. He is definitely all boy now :) The first one is the only one he was even looking at the camera... such a busy body these days!

This was just a cute picture taken showing off his two teeth. He is currently working on a couple on top.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here we are...

Last week, I was a working mother again. And let me tell you, I don't think I'm cut out for working AND raising my children. I only worked 3 half days (8:00 to 12:30) to fill in for somebody on vacation and was wiped out. Now, of course, we aren't used to getting up at 6:30 (the kids go to bed at about 8:30 and get up at about 8:30) and we had lots of other things already planned for the rest of our time last week. I would seriously have to reorganize my entire life schedule if I had to work again. That's just not something I'm ready to do!!!!!
Anyway, despite our busy week, life did go on and as usual, lots of things changed. Drew is flying all over the house now (usually chasing me or Raegan around), he is kinda eating solids (think cheerios and tiny chunks of fruit), he is pulling up on everything, he can stand all by himself for almost a minute, he can say mama, dada, nana, bye bye... in essence, he is growing up. Crazy thing is here comes the baby fever! Not that I'm really ready to have another baby yet, but it's always so nice having a little baby in the house. It just makes me a little sad knowing that my two kids are getting big. We are still working on potty training with Raegan, but not making much progress there. I think I will at least wait until I get one kid out of diapers before having another :) Three in diapers... YIKES!!!Another trick, waving and saying "bye-bye" "That's a long way down"
" I'm coming to get you Mama"
The kids love to pile up with us on the couch.
Drew getting ready to take off.
Wild child with her wild ponytail.
These are about the best pictures that I get of Raegan these days. She is such a "cheeser" (if that's a real word).
Such a little princess.
And just for fun, here are a couple of things you don't get to see everday... This was on the Biltmore Estates Grounds and yes those are wild turkeys crossing the road. There were about 20 of them.
And I've never seen a smaller car in my life. I still don't even know what it is, but I'm hoping they get good gas mileage and didn't have to travel far. I would be so closterphobic! It's about the size of Raegan's tricylcle only with a roof :) Anybody know what this thing is?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumkin patch kids

Okay, so after my last post you would think that I would still be glowing from my little trip... WRONG. Since we've been home Drew cut another tooth, learned how to crawl AND climb (although he usually gets "down" on his face or head and ends up with yet another bruise), our fridge is going bad, our A/C quit working, we had a leak under the house, and we've all had the stuffy nose/headache junk for about a week. In my mind, the worst thing on that list is that Drew is indeed MOBILE!!!!! I knew it was inevitable that he would one day learn how to get form point A to point B, but I just wasn't ready. He seriously just learned 3 days ago how to crawl and is already lightening fast. He is into everything before I even know he is "missing". What can I say, we are definitely back to reality!

That said, I finally got my pictures back that we had taken a few weeks ago. They turned out so cute. Just look at this sweet little face... somehow it makes it okay to have to chase him down now :) Check out Drew trying to eat the fake apple :)
Our little Solemn Sally. This is Classic Raegan!This is the best one we got of Raegan by herself.
Isn't this precious.
We got lots of cute ones of Drew.
Love my little redheads. Drew was really excited in this one.
I can't believe he fit in that bucket.
This is my favorite picture!!! I'm getting a big one of this made.

There were lots more, but these were my favorites. Hopefully I'll get used to having TWO kids that are mobile and will get back to posting more soon.