Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a conspiracy!

I'm convinced that some how my children are already conspiring against me! Okay, so maybe it's just a coincidence that they both seem to wake up at different times ALL throughout the night since we have all been a little under the weather. But my lack of sleep is wearing on me. I remember something my friend Julie said about being a mom... "You can either be tired and angry, or just tired." I guess I'll just have to figure out a way to be just tired. Anyway, I have managed to take a few pictures this week despite my blurred vision :)
Here Raegan and I are making a Drew sandwich. He really does love us!
This is how Raegan went around all day yesterday. It was raining most of the day, and I told her if the rain stopped we could go out for a little while. Well, she wasn't going to miss an opportunity to go outside, so she made sure she was ready. Nice look, Huh?! Here she is reading her favorite book (The Going to Bed Book) to little brother.
Drew has really been working on rolling over. He is getting very close, and with just a little help he can do it.
HERE IT IS...Proof that my son does actually have a neck :)
I seem to spend a lot of my day telling Raegan to "Get off your brother" and "Don't lay on your brother" or "Stop riding your brother like a horse". He's pretty tolerant!
Here is that cute little grin. And just look at those big blue eyes.
Raegan spends much of her day telling Drew what her parts are. Here she is telling him that this is "Raeg-y's nose"
These are my favorite pictures. She loves to hold Drew "By myself!" I can't really tell who is bigger in these pictures though. Drew weighs in at about 15 lbs now, and Raegan is only 23. He's catching up!

Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New adventures

Our son is nearing the 4 months milestone this week. And for those last 4 months I have been nursing him every TWO hours aside from the 7-8 hour stretch he goes at night. It's no wonder that he weighs 14 1/2 lbs now. Now, don't get me wrong I loved nursing Raegan and I love being able to nurse Drew, but things are a little different the second time around... especially with a 1 1/2 year old patting his head or trying to give him hugs and kisses while he eats. So, last week we brought out the rice cereal to give it a try and he loved it! I've never seen a baby gobble it up so fast in my life. He never even made a funny face. Hopefully, we may be able to stretch out our nursing sessions to at least 2 1/2 hours :) I just never seem to be able to get anything constructive done before he wants to eat again. He would actually cry until I got the spoon back to his mouth with another bite. He slept for 10 hours that night too!!
Here are just a couple of random pictures of our time outside last week. When I asked why she was pouring the sand out of her sand box she replied "I share Tu-ka Momma!" How can you scold a line like that? I think Tucker just thought it might be food!
I loved this picture of Drew. He was in his little swing just enjoying the fresh air.
This past weekend, Tony and I took the kids for a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg. I've never been a big fan of this area, but I knew they had a big aquarium. Raegan happens to love fish, so we took her and she loved it. We spent well over two hours roaming around just letting her look at all the different fish and she still wasn't ready to leave. This was the first little tank we saw and it was on her level. I can't tell you how many times we heard "I see fishy" and "More fishy peas!"
This was my favorite picture of the whole weekend. She and her daddy were watching all the little fish and she was just mesmerized! Maybe marine biology is in her future!?Drew spent most of his time just strolling along being his laid back little self.She and daddy checking out a really big fish tank. I think she was wishing her fish tank at home was this big.
Here she is admiring this huge shark. These were definitely her favorite part. She tells everyone there were 'BIG SHARKS ON MY HEAD!!!"
Raegan was trying to run along and keep up with these little fish.
This was Drew's expression throughout the whole overhead tunnel part. He seemed to be amazed by it as well.
"Have pump, will travel" Here is Drew enjoying his meal while his sister takes a break. She had just scarfed down a whole thing of Dippin Dots!
Those little things are smaller than they look to crawl up in!
She got brave and stuck her head in one of these things all by herself.
Raegan with her prize stuffed fish which she named "Orange" How creative :)We had lots of fun! We came back a little more tired than we left, but that's how it goes when traveling with kiddos. This is the first trip we have ever taken where Raegan didn't get sick. I should mention that I had bronchitis and Drew had a sinus infection though :) Oh well.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Never a dull moment...

So today, Raegan not only tried to feed Drew a red crayon, she also tried to give him his gas drops by cramming the bottle in his mouth until he started gagging. My reflexes just aren't what they used to be! Poor Drew never really gets a moment of peace except for bedtime and when Raegan naps. He and I both are usually very ready for Raegan to take a nap. She always keeps me hopping! Anyway, my dear sweet grandmother turns 94 tomorrow, and we had a HUGE celebration in her honor yesterday. I think mom said she counted 118 people there, and yes that's all just family that started with my grandmother and grandfather. We have quite the family tree! Here is my little family snuggled up to "Mom O" as Raegan calls her. Our attempt at a family photo. Drew was sound asleep, and Raegan was just being Raegan.
We were missing my brother and his family, but here is my mom and dad's little family tree.
I liked how Raegan was puckered up in this one.
Here is Mom O and all her children (only my uncle Jack has passed away and that happened when my mother was a child)
Drew snuggling with his daddy.
Raegan just being her cute little self.
And here is my cool little chic! She was decked out in polka dots and sparkles. This was some kind of look!
I recently posted Drew's 3 month pictures that I had taken when he was actually 3 months old, but I took some more a week or so later and liked them better. His sister wasn't around to distract us this time.
Here is Raegan helping her daddy do some taxes.
Cute little Drew after his bath.
This is definitely one of those picture that I'll show his girlfriends one day!
He is a big ol boy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mini vacation... kinda

Since Tony has been working such long hours, I decided a change of scenery might do me and the kids some good and get us out of his hair to catch up on some work. We packed our bags and headed to the beach with Nana, Grandad, Scott, Tammy and Ben. Now, I didn't expect this to be the most relaxing mini vacation I'd ever been on, but I thought it might be fun. Little did I know that the mere mention of the word "vacation" would cause our daughter to get sick. Every time we travel, Raegan seems to come down with some mystery "virus" that leaves her feverish and usually throwing up. Despite a little sleep deprivation, windy weather the first day, and one grouchy little girl, we managed to have a good time. The highlight of the trip was a water slide in one of the resort pools. Here is a little clip of me and Raegan zooming down. She was quite fearless, and had a blast! You can hear her saying "YEAH" at the end of the clip.

Here we all are in the pool. Tammy was in charge of catching us if we needed it, but they actually did have two lifeguards on duty. Nana was the only one who came close to needing the lifeguard. Wish we had that on video :) Drew and Grandad napping on the side. They both decided to sit the slide out.
This is Raegan saying, "Again, Again, PEES Again" (that's please in Raegan language)
Raegan on the side lines cheering on Ben who rode down all by himself.
We had so much fun on that slide, and we went VERY fast! The girls and Drew hanging out on the windy beach. (Drew is snoozing in his Bjorn under the blanket. This is how he spent much of the trip)
You can tell that Raegan didn't feel the best. She was Nana's girl the whole time we were gone.
Drew loving his sink bath. Check out those rolls!
Little man Drew hanging out with Grandad. Ben was reading Raegan a book, but Raegan doesn't seem to interested.
And now that we are home, Drew is back to being his cute little self. Here he is just hanging out for some tummy time while his sister naps.
This is just one of his many adorable expressions.
His new thing, sucking/chewing on these two fingers. He's not to crazy about his paci these days.

Our second born is also filling our home with the sweet sound of laughter these days. I did manage to get it on video and hope to load it up soon. :)