Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Since I'm not allowed to show you our whole family picture yet (since my mother is using it for her Christmas cards) I thought I would just show you the one of Nana and Grandad and their cute crew on Thanksgiving. What a crew! Raegan holding Eva
Uncle Scott snuggling with Callie Sweet Eva and her infamous cheeks.
Drew and Ben spent most of their time running up and down my grandmothers ramp.
I loved this picture of the boys... neither looking at the camera and both with fake smiles.
We found Drew relaxing on the swing after about 100 laps on the ramp. He was so tired and apparently needed a little break.
The kids slept like logs last night and are now rested and ready for our next Thanksgiving on Saturday. We can't wait!

Look alikes....

Here is Callie at 6 weeks Here is Tony at just a few weeks.
Does anybody else see the resemblance??

Friday, November 19, 2010

What has Callie been up to?

At 5 weeks, Callie started smiling.And she spends lots of quiet time in her jacuzzi... aka my bathroom sink. Why did I even have a baby bath tub with Raegan and Drew?
She finally got to meet our dear "Aunt Mo" or Mom Owens.
She gets lots of love daily from her brother and sister.
And even likes to cuddle up on our bed for some family snuggle time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recent pics

I feel like if I don't take pictures of Callie every day, I will miss something. I forgot how quickly newborns change. She has lost most of her hair in the front, but she is still dark brown... no red in sight. Here is the best picture we could get of me and all three children. We took this for Tony to have on his desk, and it definitely shows some personalities.
And who doesn't love a sleeping baby picture. She doesn't normally sleep out of a swaddle, but she had fallen asleep on me and this is what happened when I laid her down. Isn't she just too cute.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Callie is growing...

She is filling out and loves to watch her older siblings play. And thankfully, they are almost always willing to entertain her. She is 1 month old already. WOW! Go Hokies!
She is just so cute.
Now that is what I called getting comfy!
Raegan took this picture early one morning. I just loved Drew in this one.
Again, goofy little Drew being the silly big brother. I love Callie's face in this one. She seems to be calling out for help :)