Sunday, September 19, 2010

Corn Maze fun

Raegan's preschool class took their first field trip to the corn maze. I knew that I wouldn't be able to walk around the maze, but hated for the kids to miss out on the fun. My dear friend Sonya was willing to come with Brodie in tow, and walk around with Raegan and Drew. Here is quite possibly one of the last pictures of the kids and me with baby Callie in my belly. (and boy is it a BELLY!!) The three amigos getting ready to go!
Drew checking the place out before they took off. I just can't help but take tons of pictures of him. He is so cute!
Raegan holding the baby bunny. If you only knew how many times I heard "Can I P-L-E-A-S-E take this bunny to my house?"
Raegan making friends with the horse before she got on for her ride.
Drew enjoyed the horse from the safe side of the gate. He wasn't quite brave enough to actually ride him.She loved riding the horse.
No trip to any farm would be complete with out an old fashioned hay ride. Again, I didn't participate, but Sonya was willing to go for a ride.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ball player in the making

Tony loves to get the kids out in the yard and play a little ball with them. It doesn't matter whether it's tossing a football, kicking a soccer ball, or hitting a baseball Raegan loves to participate. That's right, RAEGAN. Drew is still a little to easily distracted and will play for a few minutes, but Raegan could play for an hour. I had to post their most recent "game" of baseball from yesterday evening. The funniest thing is what Raegan chose to wear. It was getting a little cool and windy, so I told Raegan to go in and get her jacket if she was cold. Well, this is how she came back out. She did finally take the hood off, but it was so funny watching her hit the ball in her winter coat.
She seems to be a natural with anything sports related, and can really hit the ball.
We have a few things to work on (like not closing your eyes when you are hitting) but she is doing great.
And what was Drew doing while Daddy and Raegan played baseball? Riding a pink tricycle or pushing a pink lawn mower of course. I guess that's what happens when you have a big sister. You just play with whatever.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Building towers and riding bikes

We haven't been doing nearly as much lately, since my 3rd child seems to want out just as badly as my other children did. This means I am sitting a lot, and the kids are finding more ways to entertain themselves. I got a kick out of these first few pictures of them building a tower. It's speaks volumes about how they play. Raegan loves to "direct" Drew on how things are done. Here she is showing him how to build his tower tall. And don't you love Drew's "Super Drew" cape? Mrs. Howell made that for him and he loves it. He saves the day a lot around here now. Don't know what I'd do without my little super hero :)
And of course, Drew does the work and Raegan gets to knock it down. I just wonder how much longer Drew is going to allow her to rule the roost. I feel like her days are numbered.
One of our new favorite things is going to an old car lot with the kids bicycles and letting them run wild. I take a chair and watch, and they have lots of fun chasing each other and just riding. Raegan insists she wants to try to learn to ride without training wheels, but bravery is not one of her strongest qualities. We will see if she ever really lets me take her training wheels off. Drew has just recently learned how to pedal, however, he isn't the best at turning around. He doesn't understand the concept to just keep pedaling and turn your handle bars. Thankfully, Raegan is usually willing to help him out.
He is a pro at the scooter. He can fly on that thing! (And yes it's a princess scooter, but he doesn't seem to mind... yet)
I just loved this picture because you can see just how many more freckles my sweet little red head has now.