Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where have we been?!

I didn't realize how slack I've been about posting lately. With Bible School, birthdays, and sick kids... I guess I've just not had much time or energy to stay up and put pictures on our blog. Well, here is what we've been up to. We had a play date with Macie. Drew decided to suck on his paci the wrong way. Don't know how he managed that one :)
Raegan was sweetly wiping the drool off of Drew's chin. She doesn't like it when he is "A mess".
My attempt to get the kids together in a decent photo.
My sweet little man Drew sporting his fake Mohawk. He is such a sweetie.
Nana, Grandad and all their grandkids. (Reagan, Drew and Ben)

These are just a few pictures from our final bash at Bible School. We had these huge inflatables for the kids to jump in and slide on. As you can see, the moms really took advantage of the slide and gladly went down with (or without) the kiddos. This is me, Sonya, Macie and Raegan.
Even Nana Joan took a few turns. Here she is with wild man Brodie.
They also had a snowcone truck at the church. Raegan decided she could get more out of her snowcone if she just sat it down and drank it this way.
Here is Terry Butcher taking her turn on the big slide. (notice she didn't have any kids to go down with :)
Cutie pie Macie with her blue mouth. Mom took this picture of me and the kids for Tony's birthday. He had been wanting a new picture for his office.
I loved this picture of the kids. Raegan is giving BIG love!
These next few were taken at Tony's mother's house. We were attending a wedding in her back yard, and I just happened to catch some sweet moments between Daddy and daughter.
Here is our wild (and very red-headed) family. This was taken on my and Tony's 5 year wedding anniversary (June 7). Tony decided that if he can't have red/orange hair that he will at least wear orange to fit in :)
Daddy removing Raegan from Mamaw's creek. This was just after daddy removed Raegan from the creek. Doesn't she look guilty.
Okay, this was really long, so I'll try and keep up from now on :) Enjoy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WE DID IT!!!!!

Saturday, Tony and I competed our first 5K race and survived! Not only did we survive "The Varmint" race but Tony finished 17 overall (out of 78) and 3rd in his age division. I ended up 33rd overall and went home with a 2nd place win in my age division. Not to shabby for first-timers, especially considering the difficulty of the course! And much more impressive than our short run, my brother ran the 1/2 marathon (that's 13.2 miles for those who don't know) and he finished in his best time 1 hour 54 minutes. We are so proud of you Uncle Scott! Here we are just after Tony got his trophy.
Here is Drew waiting for Uncle Scott to finish his race. Doesn't he look cute in his little hat.
Just after we finished, Raegan took over my IPod to listen to some tunes. She was too busy listening to music to smile for the camera.
Here we are happy that the race is over and we didn't come in last or get taken out in an ambulance. :) Isn't it beautiful countryside in Burkes Garden!
Raegan, still listening to the IPod while we were waiting for our results.
Naturally, she found a mud puddle to play in. It did occupy her time while we waited for Scott to finish.Here he is kicking it with all he's got to cross the finish line. His buddy Justin is the guy on the right who was running back to cheer him on. Justin finished 3rd OVERALL in the race with a time of 1 hour 22 minutes. Very impressive!! Justin gives credit for his personal best run to Dan and Joan's hot fudge cake he had the night before the race :) We didn't get a picture of his other pal, Jim who also came in to run this race, but he did very well. Here is Uncle Scott and his friend Justin after the race. Does it look like they just ran 13 miles?!
Here is Raegan congratulating Uncle Scott.
Cutie Pie Drew just hanging out on Grandad's shoulder.
And here is crazy girl Raegan sporting her old lady look. This is her precious blankie and she decided it was a little chilly (84 degrees!) so she put her "coat" on and kept saying " Brr cold, I feeze" Such a character, but we love her.
We were all happy to have accomplished our goals. Mine was to run it in less than 30 minutes and I ran it in 29 minutes 54 seconds! Tony wanted to beat 28 minutes, and he ran it
in 27 minutes 33 seconds. Tony also beat a 10 year old boy, and a 55 year old man right at the finish line. He is very proud of that! My brother wanted to finish in under 2 hours and he shaved more than 10 minutes off his best time by finishing in 1 hour 54 minutes. And I should point out that the experienced runners said this was the hardest course they had ever run.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ponies and Piggies

No, I'm not talking about the animals. Ever since Raegan saw Tannith's ponytail in the nursery a few Sundays ago, she has been insistent on fixing her hair in different ways. Now that it is actually growing a little, we can do lots of fun stuff. Here are just a few of our fun new hairdo's. Doesn't she look sweet in this picture :)
You can see her ponytail better from the side view.
She picked out her own clothes to. This was the outfit she chose to go play at Nana's house. Who knew we needed to get all dresses to play in the sand and write with sidewalk chalk!
These were her favorite. She loved having "piggies" in.
She was too busy eating to pay attention to me, but you could see the pigtails very well in this picture. How cute is that!
Drew thinks all this fuss over hair is over-rated! He just likes to have something to chew on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I finally did it

For those of you who don't know, Tony and I are running in a 5K race next weekend. With this in mind, neither of us had run distance since high school. I have been "training" since I got my 6 weeks clearance after having Drew. I've been determined to do this, but had been unable to last running a full 3 miles. Well Saturday I FINALLY DID IT!!! I'm a little more confidant about running the race now. I was worried that I would be the one they would have to send the ambulance back for because I passed out or something :) These were my victory pictures after my run (still red faced and all). To celebrate, we played outside then went out for pizza! I tried to get a picture of all 3 of us, but Raegan never seems to want to look at the camera. Go figure.
My sweet baby boy hanging in his exersaucer. Check out that cowlick!

This almost looks scary... my daughter coming after me with a bat.
Here she is picking flowers.
And here is our little man grinning for the camera.
Rae loves to "help" Drew work the toys on this thing.
I'm being beckoned to "catch me momma!"
Raegan decided to wear her hat to get pizza. She did look pretty cute.
Don't they both look thrilled.