Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg hunting

The Tazewell Easter Egg hunt was Saturday, so Tony took a little break from doing taxes (it is tax season after all :) and we loaded the kids up and headed to the park. They each gathered several eggs, took a picture with the Easter Bunny and got a bag of candy so the day was a huge success. We topped it off with lunch at Sonic (aka: grease pit!)
Drew wasn't so sure about the Easter Bunny. Raegan was super impressed that not only was the Easter Bunny apparently a girl, but she talked to her. Goofing around before the hunt began.
Just a couple of cute little red heads!
Hmmm, wonder how many eggs I will find?
Every time Raegan opened an egg, the prize went in daddy's pocket. I think she was afraid Drew might get her stuff.
Drew's favorite thing was the chocolate! That's my boy!
He is so cute!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dancing Queen

Raegan officially started tap and ballet this past week. Tony and I have never mentioned dance classes, but Raegan has begged us for some time now to be a ballerina. We thought she was a little to young, but finally gave in, and signed her up. She was so excited she nearly exploded on the way to her first class. I've never seen a little girl of 3 be so set on something. Of course, she loved it and can't wait until her next class. I have to say, she really does make the cutest (and tiniest) little dancer I've ever seen :) Here is the dancing queen on her first day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What have we been doing?

We really didn't fall off the face of the earth. Lets just say I might have gotten a little lazy with sitting at the computer and loading pictures. After a mild scolding from some friends and family, here I go again. We were able to play outside this entire weekend, but I was too busy playing and enjoying the fresh air myself to bother with taking pictures. So instead, I will show you what we have been doing to occupy our time indoors this past month. Here is an evening favorite activity... jumping on daddy. They would take turns standing on the ottoman and leap into daddy's waiting arms. Drew can't get quite the air that Raegan does, but he had fun just the same.
We spent a little time exercising. Here they are doing push-ups. (Not sure why my children aren't wearing their pants!)
And some crunches. Raegan really gets into working out :)
We have had some crazy bed head!
I don't know what this boy does when he sleeps but he almost always looks like this in the morning and after nap time.
And of course we have had several camp outs.
This was a Christmas gift from Nana and Grandad and has been a hit. It takes up almost our entire living room, but it's worth it for the hours of entertainment it provided!

We have played dress up with friends... and yes the boys are in dresses.And our favorite thing to do on a rainy day is turn the garage into a race track.Which usually turns into a bumper car ring :)