Sunday, April 26, 2009

Raegan's first Hokie football game

This past Saturday, Virginia Tech had their customary Spring Game. It's nothing more than a scrimmage of all the VT players, but it's open (and free) to the public and it's always been a big deal. The die-hard Hokie football fans (all 40,000 that showed up) get to watch their beloved Hokies play some football and also get to scope out how well the players look. Anyway, we always try to go to this game, and this year we got to take Raegan. It only lasts about an hour and a half, so it's the perfect "tryout" to see if she would like to actually go to some of the games in the fall (where we would have to pay for her ticket). We were worried that she would get bored, or hot, or squirmy, or just plain tired (seeing as it was at 2:00 which is normally nap time). Much to our surprise, Raegan LOVED everything about it. She didn't really watch the game, but loved when the crowd cheered or when the band would strike up and play a song. The atmosphere is contagious, and we all had a really good time. We only needed one snow cone break even though temperatures soared around 85 degrees! Thankfully, our SPF 30 was enough to keep us all from getting burned.
She took a time out from waving her pom-pom to say cheese.
She really got into cheering the Hokies on :)
She looked really cute, even though she wasn't in Hokie gear.
We finally got some shade... after the game was over!
It's so fun now that Raegan is big enough to enjoy going to different places. Drew had a blast playing all day with Junetta (whom I still can't believe is old enough to babysit!) We are all so happy that spring is here!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny Days

I realized the other day that I hadn't even posted our Easter pictures up... my my, I'm slacking!!! Anyway, here are lots of pictures that should last for a little while. This was taken while we were coloring eggs the Saturday night before Easter. We colored 7 dozen eggs!!! Drew was the funniest one coloring eggs. He just grabbed them and threw them in the colored water. Most of his ended up broken, but he seemed to have fun.
We had stained hands for several days! I think Raegan's mouth was stuffed with Jello.
Our attempts at some nice pictures of the family. Drew was in no mood to sit still and take pictures. Come to think of it, he really just doesn't like to be still no matter what the reason! Daddy and his little girl.

We gave it a try, and we got several shots of the kids like this...Daddy got to sit next to Raegan in Sunday school :)
Raegan and Ben had a blast hunting Easter eggs. We used the real eggs we colored, and the first one Raegan found that had a crack in it she brought it to me and said "Oh no Mama, this one's about to hatch!" She is so funny :)
Classic Raegan, with that tongue stuck out.
Drew in his own little world.This would be a great Hallmark greeting card!
And here is Drew last week wearing Daddy's hat just like the big boys wear it.
Isn't he something!
Hats are a big deal at the Roop house. Next to sunscreen, it's the second most important accessory that my fair skinned children are required to wear outside. I LOVED this little hat on Drew. I couldn't believe he kept it on though. He must have though he looked cool in it :) Now that it's mowing season again, we have free entertainment at least once a week! Raegan was watching Daddy take a few laps by himself before they insisted on "helping" daddy mow.
Drew was the first to "help", so Raegan stood on the fence patiently waiting her turn.
Here was Reagan's turn to "help". She doesn't look all that thrilled here, but she loved it.
And a trip back in time... that last picture reminded me of this one taken almost two years ago. Raegan was about Drew's age ... my how time flies!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My cute kids

It seems like everyday, my kids find something new to play. They have always been a fan of the blanket tent, but for some reason I keep finding them under our table. I guess it's the easy way to feel like you are in a "clubhouse". I'd hate to think what might be under there (vacuuming is my least favorite thing). This was after breakfast one morning... I think they both got up a little to early. (And yes, Raegan picked out her own outfit!)
Most dads would be cringing at this next picture. Drew, being the second child and having a big sister, is bound to play with lots of girly toys. He has really taken to baby dolls and he was practicing feeding this baby. Notice, he was feeding her in the eye. Looks like he could use some more practice. Maybe he is saying he is ready for a baby brother or sister!!! (kidding... not yet people, not just yet!)
He looks a little like he was caught doing something wrong. I don't mind that he plays with babies... but we have been buying more sports related toys lately :)
And here is one of those pictures that even has me saying "What IS she doing??" My best advice, just don't ask. You never really know with her.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Desperate times...

Our last week has been a little hairy. Tucker, our sweet dog, had surgery today to remove a tumor on his eyelid. They suspect melanoma, but hopefully he will make a full recovery... that said, it just adds to the stress from sickness, sleepless nights, and my husband working really LONGGGG hours with tax season. Our health, just like the recent weather, has been totally unpredictable. I think this weather change ( 75 degrees one day, 25 degrees and snow two days later) has gotten us all out of whack. I'm not sure if the sinus infections or the cabin fever is worse though. We got desperate today, so we made our own "swimming pool" right in the bath tub. Complete with blue water and swimmies. This actually served two purposes... killing about an hour of time AND helping break up the congestion. Raegan even wore her swimsuit. This was quite a site, but boy did they have fun.
Drew didn't get into the whole "swimming" thing, but he did enjoy some mid-day bath fun.
She seems to be saying "WHAT??"
My favorite picture was after Drew was out of the tub and dressed. Raegan had the whole tub to herself, so we filled it up a little more. She just floated like this for about 15 minutes. She acts just like her mama!!
Here are Drew and daddy goofing off.
Ready for bed.
This has happened twice in the last week... Drew fell asleep in his high chair at lunch. Poor thing doesn't sleep well when he can't breath, and has just been too tired to maintain his normal schedule. He actually fell asleep sucking on a french fry in this picture :-)
Some SERIOUS bedhead from a restful nap.
Even though we are all tired and cranky, these blue eyes can still brighten any gloomy day :)