Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a month

It's gonna take me a few posts to get you caught up on what's been going on in our lives, but here's a start. First I'm gonna show you the whopper snow we had a week or so ago. We still have a few inches covering our yard, and with the scattered flurries we continue to have I don't think we will see grass for sometime. We had about 16 inches of snow!
This is our front walk before Tony dug it out.
This is after. I love it!
Drew did NOT like his snow suit!
Getting ready to go down for the 25th time! Daddy got a work out that day!
This picture cracks me up! She was sitting behind a mountain of snow that had been piled up from shoveling. All you could see was her little head.
Now this is getting comfy in the snow!
Daddy and two of his redheads all bundled up.

Raegan offering daddy some much needed help shoveling the snow.Raegan was digging a hole to find the grass. She never did find it.
Drew wasn't really that fond of all this snow. As you can see, it was up to his hips which meant he could barely walk at all! He got carried alot.
I much preferred them to look at the snow from this view rather than from outside in it. At least I didn't have to bundle, unbundle because we had to pee, and bundle again!