Friday, June 25, 2010

Keeping me on my toes

It's a good thing this little boy is so cute and funny. He keeps us laughing at his funny antics, and silly personality. I've been trying to remind myself of this during these potty training days, since I just cleaned up poop from my cream colored living room carpet today. (Good thing I got a carpet cleaner for my birthday :) He can go all day and night peeing in the potty, but the poop just can't seem to make it in the potty. The yard, the bathtub, the bathroom floor, his underwear, and now my carpet, but not the potty. Next house we have is definitely going to have hard floors and NO carpet! Good thing I love this little man so much!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Less isn't more

This girl has a mind of her own, especially when picking out her accessories. She doesn't go by the rule that less is more!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Practicing for baby

Raegan and Drew play 'momma & baby' all the time. I was cleaning out Drew's closet today (nesting and trying to make room for the new baby) and found this cute little basket. It instantly turned into a baby bed and Raegan set to work "taking care" of Drew. If only she will be this helpful when the new baby arrives. Drew was a very good baby and even smiled right on cue :)
Of course, she needed a turn acting like the baby too. I don't know how she squeezed those long legs into this little basket, but she did it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Big Recital

Most of you saw from a previous post that Raegan has been taking tap and ballet. Well, she finally got to have her big dance recital this past weekend. If there was ever a moment when I feared she might get stage fright, it's all gone now. This girl loved every minute of being in the spotlight. This is my little ballerina all ready for her big performance. She was SOOO excited! This was actually from the dress rehearsal, but I loved this pose. I get that hand on the hips thing a lot these days. Dancing seems to have brought out even more of her inner diva.
Raegan and her friend Macie.
All the Tiny Tappers. Aren't they just adorable!
She got flowers from her daddy, and as you can see in a definite daddy's girl!
This was just part of Raegan's cheering section.
Yes, Raegan felt totally at ease up on that stage performing for a huge crowd. We may be in for it in the future!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day with Thomas

We decided to brave the crowds at Tweetsie Railroad, and go for a trip to ride Thomas the Train. Blowing Rock NC is about 2 hours from our house and my brothers house, so it was the perfect meeting place to spend some time with our family. I realized I never actually got a picture of Thomas himself, but we did get to go for a ride and fun was certainly had by all. Here are just a few highlights from our day.
Patiently waiting in line for the Ferris wheel. This was Raegan and Drew's first time.
Uncle Scott was WAY more nervous about riding with these two than they were.
Daddy looked a little nervous There they go...
The kids also really enjoyed riding the helicopter.
The camera stayed tucked away most of the time, but the kids all had a great time. Well worth the time, money and effort. It was nice for the cousins to have a chance to play and enjoy each other's company.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movie night

We all always enjoy family movie night. We watched Toy Story 2 (which I think Tony and I like just as much as the kids) to get ready for the release of Toy Story 3. And, we always love the chance to curl up, eat popcorn and drink fresh lemonade.