Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

This past Saturday, we headed to Asheboro, NC to the Zoo. It was a very hot day, and there were LOTS of people there, but somehow we managed to have a great time. Here are some of our highlights of the trip. Raegan took a turn "hatching" like a chicken.
Everyone's favorite part of the trip was the elephants. That's all Raegan talked about on the way down. "When are we gonna get to see the elephants?" she kept saying. The elephants didn't disappoint us either. They put on quite a show, playing in the water and squirting each other. Raegan kept asking if they were taking a bath or if they were just swimming. Not sure if you can see, but there were two elephants in this picture. One was just under the water and you can only see his back.
I believe that Drew was admiring the elephants in this picture.
Nana will do anything for these kids... even ride an little anteater :)
I think Raegan liked these statue animals as much as she liked the real ones. At least she could ride these.
Watching the elephants from another view.Say cheese...
Drew thought he was a better navigator than we were. He must have been trying to decide where to go next.
Grandad and Drew are best buddies, and as with most days, if you saw one, you were just about guaranteed to see the other close behind.This was my favorite picture of the two of them.
Tony, Raegan and I posing with the Zebras... or cows as Drew called them. Come to think of it, he called every animal he saw a cow! They are his favorite, but unfortunately they didn't have any cows at the zoo. Maybe next time, we will take him to a petting zoo.
Speaking of cows... every sign that had animals on it, Drew ran up to and yelled (you guessed it) "COW"!!!!Tony took this picture of our little train pushing through the crowd.
Raegan and Daddy posing with the giraffe.
Grandad and his little buddy admiring the giraffe as well.Drew had the most fun digging in the dirt with a stick, but hopefully we can take him back again when he will appreciate it a little more. He is such a boy!
They were exhausted when we finally made it back to the car. I don't know who fell asleep first... the kids or Grandad :) We had lots of fun, and hope to actually go back and see the other half of the zoo in the near future.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Drew's big boy haircut

It took me a little while to work up the nerve to actually get Drew a real haircut, but today I finally did it. He just has so much hair, I thought he would feel better for summer. So anyway, here is the before picture (and keep in mind this was after I trimmed his bangs. He was getting really shabby looking) And here is the little punk rocker sporting his new "do".
I left it long enough on the top to spike it up a little, but the sides are really short.
You wouldn't believe how much hair was on the floor after his haircut. He had more than Tony usually does :)
I LOVE his new haircut, but am a little sad that he looks like such a big boy now. Just another reminder that my baby is growing up. Just like that, the baby fever kicks back in!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Raegan loves doing any kind of "project", but until lately Drew couldn't sit still long enough or keep from eating whatever it was that we were making to be able to participate. Now, however, he seems to like making things just as much as Raegan. Here they are enjoying some outdoor finger painting. Raegan uses the one handed technique... you know, so she won't get too dirty.
And of course, as soon as she realized I had the camera, she went into full "cheese" mode.
Drew doesn't really have a technique other than to get as much paint in as many places as possible.
Unfortunately, he decided to rub his head and got the paint all over his face as well. He was saying his new favorite line "OH NO"
Don't you love the perfect hand print on the side of his face. It didn't even slow him down!
And here was my attempt at getting both kids in one picture. This was the best one, and they were so funny snuggled up in this rocking chair.
This is my favorite picture of them! I can just hear them giggling!!! I love it!
Here is my cute little man with his newly trimmed bangs. When we got back from our mini vacation in Las Vegas, his hair had gotten so long it was touching his eyelashes. I'm going to get him his first buzz cut next week, but figured I better at least get the hair out of his eyes. He is looking so much older now!
This was Raegan trying to rock Drew like Momma does :) He is just as big (if not a little bigger) than she is.