Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rainy day fun

We were so spoiled with our 4 days of beautiful weather last week, and were NOT prepared for the 5 straight days of Rain and cold (and even a little snow). I don't know who was more devastated that we couldn't go outside. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I was most upset. After all, the yelling doesn't rattle your brain nearly as much when the sound can travel beyond 4 walls. Despite an entire weekend of sleepless nights with a feverish little boy (104 for two days!!!) we did manage to "use our magination" as Raegan says and have some indoor fun last week.
Drew playing peek-a-boo through our "new to us" doll house. We just love hand-me-downs! The little princess showing off her piggy tails. I believe she was preparing to do a cheer.
Annie and Ellie gave us this keyboard and it has been a hit! We dance and sing everyday. This was an action shot of my dancers.
Raegan practicing her ballerina twirls.
Not sure what this move was, but she was into it.
She danced so hard, her piggy tails were drooping.
After re-doing her piggy's, we had a playdate with our friends the Kidds. Of course, we can't have a playdate with Ryan and Jenna without Raegan having a turn holding "her baby Jenna". She just loves this baby! Drew was trying to pile into this little car too... he didn't want to be left out.
These two are so silly! They can take anything safe and turn it into a 3-ring circus.
No day would be complete if we didn't put Raegan's babies to bed. Here she is feeding them all there milk just before tucking them in.
And yes, she is wearing a tu-tu over her jammies. She wanted to wear it to bed, but I insisted it wouldn't be very comfortable. She decided to take it off before we tucked her in (and removed all these babies :) The sun is shining again today, and the temps are creeping up toward 65 degrees, so we are headed outside... YEAH!!!!! Have a good day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fresh air... finally!

I feel like we have been cooped up WAY too long here at the Roop household. But last weekend we had beautiful weather. It actually reached temperatures in the 70's for 3 days!!! Of course, it snowed again yesterday, but that little bit of fresh air and sunshine did me and my kids a whole lot of good. Here are lots of pictures from our adventures outdoors.
Drew loves to walk up and run down this little hill in our back yard. This is about as far as he would go, and he looks to be studying the best route down... And here he is running (and yelling) on his way down. He is getting much better at this. Back a couple of months ago, he would always end up rolling down.
He is also perfecting his climbing skills. He worked really hard trying to get to the top of our swingset.
He is still my little chubby boy!
Raegan had fun showing Drew the "ropes" of how to slide, swing, climb, etc.
She looks like she is about to do something that might get her into trouble...
I loved this picture of my little girl. She is such a poser for the camera now.
Drew, being the boy that he is, was trying to plot his escape out of the backyard :) Raegan on a mission...... to apparently give Tucker a bath. To bad there was no water or soap, I would have put that girl to work. And though this has nothing to do with our outdoor adventures, I couldn't resist showing them off. We made these little Lion Cupcakes for a snack at Library School. They turned out so cute!
Raegan thought that Daniel would have liked being thrown in this Lion's Den much better :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No quite time anymore

If you think Raegan and I talk alot, you should just listen to Drew now. In the last 3 weeks or so, his vocabulary went from your typical Mama, Daddy, Nana, and Bye-Bye to being able to say absolutely anything. I've got a little clip of some of the things he can say now. Not only is he saying things, he is answering questions. It's hard for me to believe that he is starting to understand what's going on around him now. I can't believe just how quickly he is growing up. I feel like a broken record saying that, but it just goes by so much quicker than you could ever expect. He is 14 months old and thinks he rules the roost now. He can definitely hold his own with his sister. She might be taller than he is, but she doesn't have him by much weight. Once he figures out how to body slam her... watch out. I feel like I spend half my day refereeing already. Just part of the "fun" of being a parent.

In addition all the things I got on video, he can say "pees" and "Ti-too" for please and thank you.