Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One way I keep up with my kids...

Every month or so, I take the car seats out of our vehicle and clean them up. It always motivates me to clean my car AND gives me a really good excuse for this...
Well, the covers have to be washed, and in order to get them back together properly we have to do an adjustment of straps/trial run before they are placed back in the car. They (and I) got a big kick out of sitting in there car seats in the living room. Drew is currently not a fan of pictures for some reason. Maybe he is starting to take after his daddy :)
Raegan, on the other hand is always willing to turn on her cheesy grin and work the camera.
For those 5 minutes they sat still in these chairs I actually knew where they both were and that they weren't getting into any trouble. I wish I could say the same for the other 11 hours and 55 minutes that they are awake during the day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buzz cut

Here are a few before pictures to let you see how moppy Drew had been looking. I've had to trim his bangs, over his ears and behind his neck twice. Finally, I said let's just take him to Chunky (Janet is her real name, but she is Sonya's mom and she cuts our hair). No, he doesn't have a bloody nose, he just likes to stick things in his nose. I just love this one with those two front teeth shining. He finally has 8 teeth now, but wouldn't you know that some in the back came in before the side front teeth.Proof of the previously mentioned fascination with his nose.It always amazes me how much a haircut transforms them. This is MUCH shorter than his first real haircut, but he looks so cute!!!
He is also practicing his spoon skills since he is finally eating things other than baby food.
And if one picture of something up his nose wasn't enough, here is another to emphasize the point of his fascination. Seriously, I've found mini M & M's, pieces of cracker and pieces of ripped up tissues up his nose. Thankfully, I've been able to retrieve all of these items with no harm. I am however preparing myself for a trip to the ER though. After all, he is only 19 months!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

She's 3

Okay, I've been a slacker mom and didn't even post the birthday pictures from Raegan's 3rd birthday. She turned 3 on July 5th, however, we aren't having a party until July 24th. Maybe I just mentally decided her actual birthday wasn't until then. Anyway, we did have an mini celebration at Nana and Grandad's for her. It was a Sunday, so we had lunch after church with our friends Lisa, Michael, Ryan and Jenna Kidd. Raegan got to open a couple of small gifts, and eat Cinderella cakes that Lisa had made.
Taking a second to pose with Mama and Daddy.

Raegan sharing her cake with Ryan.

Lisa worked so hard on these little cakes, and Raegan just loved them. (I did too!)

She was saying "WOW, these are for me?!"
A little fun chasing Drew in the yard after we ate.
One of her gifts she got to open, and she wore it the rest of the day.
Drew picking some flowers... how sweet is this?I thought this was so sweet of her and my dad.
What sucker??
These last few were taken in the church parking lot after church. Drew found the only water puddle and of course stomped around in it.
Annie and Ellie Butcher wanted Raegan to have their old tricycle, so here she and Drew are trying it out.
She was so proud of herself for riding all by herself.
Drew was chasing her on the bike.
She had a fun little birthday, but I still can't believe my baby is THREE!!!! Time flies...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th

The Roops spent the 4th of July at the museum eating BBQ, roasted corn on the cob, and funnel cakes and drinking lots of fresh squeezed lemonade. We participated in a few games, sampled homemade apple butter, and watched some folks pretend to fight a battle. It was a fun filled day, and after a quick nap for the kids we headed back out to the Tazewell celebration which offered bouncers for the kids and fireworks to end the day. It was a very long day, but we had so much fun. Neither of the kids actually watched the fireworks, but instead covered their ears and eyes. Somehow, when it was all over Raegan says "I loved the fireworks, they were great. A little too loud, but it was great!" I wasn't even aware that she saw them. Since there was a little rainy weather that evening, no pictures were actually taken of the bouncers or the fireworks. Here are lots of pictures from the museum festivities for you to enjoy.
Raegan enjoying her roasted corn.
Drew enjoying the free entertainment that rocks/dirt supply.
Drew hiding behind a weeping willow tree.
Raegan trying to hula-hoop with this little wooden ring.
And the hula-hoop fell down.
Yes she is cute... and yes she knows it!
Me and my little man.
The siblings
Raegan and I were watching her cousin, Connor Kausch in the sack race. It was too cute!
Enjoying some fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade.
Drew was looking on, just wondering if he could join in the fun.
Since he was too little ot join in, he just "helped" Nana out saying "get set, GO"
Is he cute or what?!
Tony and his little man.
The Roop men on one of MANY laps around the museum grounds. I don't know how Drew isn't a bean pole as much as that kid just goes and goes!