Friday, July 30, 2010

Hard at work

Thanks to our dear friend, Carrie, I have recently started using 'Confessions of a homeschooler' ideas and lesson plans for the Letter of the week. Our first letter of course, was A and Drew is able to participate in some of the activities. Here are some highlights. Drew was hilarious with this activity. He still doesn't know all his colors, and he was trying to find the matching crayon. He sat just like this for almost a solid minute before he finally found the match.
He concentrates very hard when he colors. Much more patience with it than Raegan at this age.
This was my favorite activity. Turning an A into an alligator.

We did lots of other activities, but Raegan was most proud of this one. She wrote her name at the top and found all the A's.
One very proud little girl.
For those of you who would like to see other ideas, here is the website. I highly recommend it!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big party

I realized I hadn't put any pictures of Raegan's actual birthday party up, so I thought I better get to that. We normally just do a small family get together on the kids actual birthday, and then have a "friends" party at a more convenient date. This year (as you already saw with her mini bowling party) she ended up having two parties since so many people had the day of her actual birthday off. Her real party was about 2 weeks after her birthday, and she asked on the morning of her party "Momma, do I get to turn 5 today?" Either two weeks of being 4 was enough for her or we had just confused her with 2 parties. Here is the cute little Minnie Mouse birthday girl ready to have fun.
The Minnie mouse cake
Our family portrait of the day
Patiently waiting for the candles to be lit so she could make her wish (which she announced that she wished for a Buzz Lightyear?!)
She insisted on "Vanna White"-ing all of her presents so everyone could see.
Raegan and Elizabeth Nestel going down the slide. These two became instant friends at bible school.
It was a little cold, but the kids didn't seem to notice. They all had a great time on this big water slide. And thankfully, we had no injuries!
And, no Raegan Roop party would be complete without a game of duck duck goose. She loves a good goose chase!

It was a little chaotic at times, but the kids all had a wonderful time. Happy 4th birthday, again, Raegan!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Budding artists

Somehow, painting never gets boring or old.
It takes lots of concentration...
and apparently, a couple of good guard dogs.
One of the quieter (but messier) ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raegan turned 4

How can it possibly be that my first born child turned 4 years old. It seems just yesterday that we got to bring the sweet little bundle home from the hospital and really call her ours.She has been counting down the days until she could say she was 4, and that day came yesterday. Since Tony and some of our friends and family had the day off, we decided to take advantage and have a mini bowling party.
Here she is with her sweet little friend Jayden. These girls are princess crazy, and two peas in a pod!
Drew had lots of fun, even if the dinosaur chute was pink.
Daddy tried to give the kids some pointers on bowling.
But they just really wanted to slide down the dinosaur.
Of course, a hot pink ball for the birthday girl.
Raegan loved the dinosaur chute, but Ryan preferred the old fashioned way. He even got a strike!
Since we only had 5 kids at the party, everyone got to blow out a candle.
That's a really big breath. She must have really wanted her wish to come true.
She tried to act shy while we sang Happy Birthday to her, but she really loved being the center of attention. And if you are wondering why there are two cakes... lets just say that this pregnant mama really wanted a DQ ice cream cake and Raegan didn't. We will call it a compromise :)