Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We finally did it!  We went on a grand adventure to Disney World.  I think Tony and I were as excited (if not more so) than our children.  We started our trip, with Raegan and Drew's first time flying.
 Tony and the kids had never been, and I hadn't been in probably 10 years.  It was still as wonderful as I remember.
 We rode Dumbo with a fabulous view of the castle.
 We ate breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his friends.
 We met Buzz Lightyear, and helped defeat the evil Zurg on his adventure ride.
 We traveled with a Princess and a pirate for a while.
 We went on a jungle safari.
 The most precious memory was my little princess seeing her favorite princess for the first time.  She was in awe and had tears in her eyes.  (Cinderella for those who aren't familiar :)
 Such a sweet moment for my sweet little girl.
 Even in Disney World, we supported our Hokies.
 We enjoyed Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, complete with a parade and fireworks display in front of Cinderella's Castle.  The parade's were a family favorite. 
At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was an unforgettable and "magical" trip.  We made lots of memories while spending quality time with our two oldest.  If you are wondering where our youngest was, she was in Virginia being showered with love by her two sets of grandparents. 

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