Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where have we been?!

I didn't realize how slack I've been about posting lately. With Bible School, birthdays, and sick kids... I guess I've just not had much time or energy to stay up and put pictures on our blog. Well, here is what we've been up to. We had a play date with Macie. Drew decided to suck on his paci the wrong way. Don't know how he managed that one :)
Raegan was sweetly wiping the drool off of Drew's chin. She doesn't like it when he is "A mess".
My attempt to get the kids together in a decent photo.
My sweet little man Drew sporting his fake Mohawk. He is such a sweetie.
Nana, Grandad and all their grandkids. (Reagan, Drew and Ben)

These are just a few pictures from our final bash at Bible School. We had these huge inflatables for the kids to jump in and slide on. As you can see, the moms really took advantage of the slide and gladly went down with (or without) the kiddos. This is me, Sonya, Macie and Raegan.
Even Nana Joan took a few turns. Here she is with wild man Brodie.
They also had a snowcone truck at the church. Raegan decided she could get more out of her snowcone if she just sat it down and drank it this way.
Here is Terry Butcher taking her turn on the big slide. (notice she didn't have any kids to go down with :)
Cutie pie Macie with her blue mouth. Mom took this picture of me and the kids for Tony's birthday. He had been wanting a new picture for his office.
I loved this picture of the kids. Raegan is giving BIG love!
These next few were taken at Tony's mother's house. We were attending a wedding in her back yard, and I just happened to catch some sweet moments between Daddy and daughter.
Here is our wild (and very red-headed) family. This was taken on my and Tony's 5 year wedding anniversary (June 7). Tony decided that if he can't have red/orange hair that he will at least wear orange to fit in :)
Daddy removing Raegan from Mamaw's creek. This was just after daddy removed Raegan from the creek. Doesn't she look guilty.
Okay, this was really long, so I'll try and keep up from now on :) Enjoy!

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What better color shirt to wear??? :-)

PS Great pictures!