Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ponies and Piggies

No, I'm not talking about the animals. Ever since Raegan saw Tannith's ponytail in the nursery a few Sundays ago, she has been insistent on fixing her hair in different ways. Now that it is actually growing a little, we can do lots of fun stuff. Here are just a few of our fun new hairdo's. Doesn't she look sweet in this picture :)
You can see her ponytail better from the side view.
She picked out her own clothes to. This was the outfit she chose to go play at Nana's house. Who knew we needed to get all dresses to play in the sand and write with sidewalk chalk!
These were her favorite. She loved having "piggies" in.
She was too busy eating to pay attention to me, but you could see the pigtails very well in this picture. How cute is that!
Drew thinks all this fuss over hair is over-rated! He just likes to have something to chew on.

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