Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OOPS! 6 months (a little late)

Okay, so somehow I forgot to post Drew's 6 month pictures. I just realized it yesterday when I was printing all his monthly photos for a picture frame we have. Then it dawned on me... I never posted the pictures. I'm sure it had nothing the do with the weeks of illness, and a two night hospital stay with out eldest child! Regardless, our little man turned 6 months on JUNE 26, and is about to turn 7 months. But, here are his 6 months pictures He caught himself in this one.
Not so lucky in this one. You can tell he was very troubled
He has been sitting up for a few weeks now, and has even mastered leaning over with out tipping over. Here he is reaching for toys without falling over.

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Julie Hamill said...

What a cute little man!