Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A whole hand!

My sweet Raegan turned 5 yesterday. Watching her grow and change over these last 5 years has been such a blessing.

From a cautious baby girl of 1To a spunky little 2A sassy 3An adventurous 4 To the independent 5 year old she is today. A little "spicy" personality, but a very tender heart. She tries to make us laugh with her knock knock jokes, and loves to give a performance. She can dress up and be super girly, or can dig in the dirt and get dirty. She is a wonderful helper and entertainer with baby Callie, and is always trying to teach Drew something new. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY RAEGAN!!!

Another big milestone was that Callie turned 9 months yesterday.

She is saying bye-bye, da-da, and has learned to crawl.

What a sweet heart she is!

And so Drew wouldn't feel left out, here is a picture of the three musketeers.

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