Monday, April 14, 2008

Never a dull moment...

So today, Raegan not only tried to feed Drew a red crayon, she also tried to give him his gas drops by cramming the bottle in his mouth until he started gagging. My reflexes just aren't what they used to be! Poor Drew never really gets a moment of peace except for bedtime and when Raegan naps. He and I both are usually very ready for Raegan to take a nap. She always keeps me hopping! Anyway, my dear sweet grandmother turns 94 tomorrow, and we had a HUGE celebration in her honor yesterday. I think mom said she counted 118 people there, and yes that's all just family that started with my grandmother and grandfather. We have quite the family tree! Here is my little family snuggled up to "Mom O" as Raegan calls her. Our attempt at a family photo. Drew was sound asleep, and Raegan was just being Raegan.
We were missing my brother and his family, but here is my mom and dad's little family tree.
I liked how Raegan was puckered up in this one.
Here is Mom O and all her children (only my uncle Jack has passed away and that happened when my mother was a child)
Drew snuggling with his daddy.
Raegan just being her cute little self.
And here is my cool little chic! She was decked out in polka dots and sparkles. This was some kind of look!
I recently posted Drew's 3 month pictures that I had taken when he was actually 3 months old, but I took some more a week or so later and liked them better. His sister wasn't around to distract us this time.
Here is Raegan helping her daddy do some taxes.
Cute little Drew after his bath.
This is definitely one of those picture that I'll show his girlfriends one day!
He is a big ol boy.

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