Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mini vacation... kinda

Since Tony has been working such long hours, I decided a change of scenery might do me and the kids some good and get us out of his hair to catch up on some work. We packed our bags and headed to the beach with Nana, Grandad, Scott, Tammy and Ben. Now, I didn't expect this to be the most relaxing mini vacation I'd ever been on, but I thought it might be fun. Little did I know that the mere mention of the word "vacation" would cause our daughter to get sick. Every time we travel, Raegan seems to come down with some mystery "virus" that leaves her feverish and usually throwing up. Despite a little sleep deprivation, windy weather the first day, and one grouchy little girl, we managed to have a good time. The highlight of the trip was a water slide in one of the resort pools. Here is a little clip of me and Raegan zooming down. She was quite fearless, and had a blast! You can hear her saying "YEAH" at the end of the clip.

Here we all are in the pool. Tammy was in charge of catching us if we needed it, but they actually did have two lifeguards on duty. Nana was the only one who came close to needing the lifeguard. Wish we had that on video :) Drew and Grandad napping on the side. They both decided to sit the slide out.
This is Raegan saying, "Again, Again, PEES Again" (that's please in Raegan language)
Raegan on the side lines cheering on Ben who rode down all by himself.
We had so much fun on that slide, and we went VERY fast! The girls and Drew hanging out on the windy beach. (Drew is snoozing in his Bjorn under the blanket. This is how he spent much of the trip)
You can tell that Raegan didn't feel the best. She was Nana's girl the whole time we were gone.
Drew loving his sink bath. Check out those rolls!
Little man Drew hanging out with Grandad. Ben was reading Raegan a book, but Raegan doesn't seem to interested.
And now that we are home, Drew is back to being his cute little self. Here he is just hanging out for some tummy time while his sister naps.
This is just one of his many adorable expressions.
His new thing, sucking/chewing on these two fingers. He's not to crazy about his paci these days.

Our second born is also filling our home with the sweet sound of laughter these days. I did manage to get it on video and hope to load it up soon. :)

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Nae and Clara said...

Maybe Reagan and Alena have something in common since Alena gets sick every time we come to VA - I don't think my parents ever get to see her when she's well :) Can't believe how big Drew is - he's going to be bigger than Alena in no time.