Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life with kids

Life with kids is never dull! I always seem to have more pictures of Raegan than of Drew, but she just does a lot more stuff. On that note, here are a few things our first born has been up to lately. Not only is she mastering the art of feeding herself with a spoon, but she loves to sit in a big girl chair. Here is her latest attempt at applesauce (thankfully it doesn't stain!). This, is typical Raegan. When she concentrates on anything, she sticks her tongue out... JUST LIKE HER GRANDAD!!!
I found her resting like this on my Boppy yesterday (notice the fuzzy slippers :)
Here is sweet baby Drew snuggling our friend Lisa. He still loves to snuggle!!!
I love those bright eyes.
Check out the size of those growing cheeks. He is up to 11 lbs now!
Here is another example of Raegan showing her independance. Since ABC's and 123's stain, she had to sit in her chair and I just took her shirt off... good thing cause she made a big mess.
She obviously dropped a bite.
And this is the aftermath. She is still perfecting her skills.
Yes, she still fits in her Bumbo seat. She loves to watch me cook, so I just sit her on the counter (closely supervised and away from anything hot) and she loves it. It keeps the pre-dinner whining to a minimum.
Here is my little guy modeling his VT outfit. Isn't he a cutie. He is such a sweet baby.
As you can see, his face is finally clearing up. He looked rough for a couple of weeks.
Me and my kiddos.
These were taken at Tony's grandparents this past weekend. We went to visit and let them meet Drew. The other family is Tony's cousin Aaron, Anna and kids Ryder and Sadie. We had lots of fun playing with the kids.

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