Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toes and big bellies

Our kids are growing so fast! Raegan is talking up a storm and using the potty pretty regularly now. One of the things we do to entertain ourselves while she is on the potty is paint our toenails and fingernails. I just thought these pictures were cute.

Drew has outgrown lots of his 3 month clothes and is a whopping 12 lbs now (at 8 weeks old!) He is a big boy! Just look at the size of that belly :)And what about that double chin and those cheeks.
He wanted to show off his mohawk. Naturally, since I was taking Drew's picture with his clothes off, Raegan thought she needed to join in the with her clothes off as well. I'm pretty sure she is tickling him in this picture. I think Drew's belly might be bigger around than Raegans.
It took me a little longer to get clothes back on Raegan. No, she isn't growling at the camera, it's just her cheese face.
Here is Drew just hanging out on his belly.
Reagan likes to "help" entertain Drew when he is on his belly. What infant wouldn't love staring at his sister's head?I tried really hard to get a good picture of both kids. Here is the only one that they are looking at the camera, but don't they look enthused?! I wish you could really see the look on Drew's face. He's looking at Raegan like "What are you doing so close to me?!"This was one of the problems. Raegan just wanted to "love" on Drew instead of smile for the camera.
She is also being a very helpful big sister. She has given up her paci during the day, but now she makes sure that if Drew cries he has his paci. She can even put it in his mouth. I came in the living room the other day to find Drew sucking on his paci... upside down. He didn't seem to mind that Raegan had put it in the wrong way :) Here she is working hard to give it to him.
This was just too funny not to take a picture of. It's Raegan's bedhead after a long night of sleep. The picture really doesn't do it justice, because it was standing up everywhere.

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The Blakes said...

Hey Amy, this is Misty! I called the office the other day to talk to Dr. Pete and Missy told me your website address. Congrats on your new baby! You have some really cute kids! Hope all is well:)