Monday, January 26, 2009

Playing in the snow

Last week ( I know I'm a little late) we had a pretty good snow that lasted a couple of days. Since we have had a handy-man doing some home improvements on our house, it was best that we got out of his way. We headed up to visit our friends Lisa and Ryan several times, but on this day I kept the kids while Lisa and Michael went to her Dr appointment. (By the way, Lisa is 36 weeks pregnant) They got back a lot sooner than they planned, so Michael took the kids to play out in the snow. We were a little worried that they would freeze since the high temp that day was 20 degrees, but they didn't seem to even notice it was cold. Here is Ryan and Raegan bundled up ready to go play. Since this wasn't a planned trip outdoors, Raegan had to borrow some of Ryan's snow clothes, thus the blue outfit.
Here is Michael with Ryan and Raegan going sleigh riding.
Raegan and Michael taking a turn down the hill.They really enjoyed going down the slide and ending up in a big pile of snow that Michael fixed up for them. Here they are patiently waiting for their turn. This was the funniest thing they did. They both wanted to swing, but it was a tight fit trying to squeeze them AND their snow suits in the swing. Notice in this one, they have their tongues stuck out trying to catch snow flakes. They are too cute!
Drew was a little sad that he couldn't come out and play.
He did enjoy eating some snow though. He sat on a towel and played in a little bowl of snow until it melted.
Here is the pink cheeked and pink nosed little girl before we finally made them come inside... 45 minutes later! I can't believe they both lasted that long with it being so cold. They did have to take one little potty break, but otherwise they stayed outside the whole time, and they had so much fun. I can't wait for it to snow again!

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