Friday, January 16, 2009

Silly kids

Now that our lives have settled down a bit, and the sickness that plagued us for so long is gone (for now), we are finally getting back into a routine . I finally have sense to grab the camera and take a picture of our silly kids in action once again. For this first little scene, I really wish I had my video camera, but you will just have to appreciate the description. Drew is into EVERYTHING these days. Mostly, whatever Raegan has... he wants. Anyway, he got one of Raegan's sippy cups and tried to finish off what little bit of milk was actually in there. Here he is trying to just drink it.Once he realized it was almost empty, it just became a toy. He was just holding the cup with his teeth and shaking his head back and forth wiggling the cup. He thought this was absolutely hilarious. I just wish you could have heard his little giggles. This entertained him for a good 15 minutes. This was just too irresistible after bath time the other night. My little duck and elephant sitting semi-sweetly together. Deep down they really do love each other. Of course this sweet picture was followed by Raegan trying to push Drew out of the chair. Go figure!
And last but not least, Raegan dressed herself to go outside and play. Her pants were the funniest. They are 24 months so they were too short, and WAY too big around the waist. She kept saying, "Mama, my bottom is so cold". She had a terrible time keeping them up, and finally got fed up and came inside. I still thought she looked pretty cute though.

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