Friday, February 27, 2009

Learning so much

Raegan has always been fascinated with learning new things. She walked early, talked early, tries so hard to read, and now she really wants to write. At 2 1/2, she just hasn't been able to master it. We have been practicing and practicing her tracing skills for a while, but today was the first time she was really able to trace what I was writing. And of course, I just had to show off her work. We worked on a couple of easy letters and as you can see, she was very into it.Here were her best attempts at the letter A. She had a little help with the 3rd "A" but the rest of them she did all by herself. Not too bad for a 2 1/2 year old!
This was the one she thought was the best. (not sure why)
She tried an M to, and it turned out way better than I expected.
After writing her letters, she decided to draw daddy a picture. I don't think she meant for it to look like a big smiley face, but that's what I thought it looked like. And Clara, I don't know if you can tell or not, but the only color that Raegan uses is pink! Must be a girl thing :)

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Nae and Clara said...

The bad thing about the pink is that because Mya thinks everything must be that color, it is the only color that Alena can identify and I don't think Alena is a pink kind of girl. She just wants it because that's what Mya says. It'll be funny if Drew's first color choice is pink too. (Of course Tony probably won't think it's very funny).