Sunday, May 18, 2008

Always something

Why is it there is always something to do. I'm sitting here, waiting for my much missed husband to return from his trip away (that was supposed to be over 4 hours ago, but thanks to a plane malfunction was delayed) and I keep thinking of a million things to do. Unload and load the dishwasher again, fold the laundry again, pick up the living room again... but instead I'm sitting here listening to Bob Marley and reminiscing my honeymoon. He always takes me straight back to St. Lucia! My kids are in bed, and it's Sunday and I'm supposed to rest. So here I am resting and posting. Nothing else!

This weekend was a whirlwind. I decided that since Tony would be gone for a couple of days, I needed something to do as well. I dropped Drew off at Nana's and Raegan and I, along with some other friends, loaded up and took a little overnight trip. We visited Bryson City NC and rode "The Little Engine" train and visited the train museum. Then we drove to Pigeon Forge to stay the night, and woke the next morning to go to the Knoxville Zoo. Here is the cute little train. Raegan loved riding the train, especially when it tooted its little whistle. I don't know if you can see the clown in the picture, but that's why Raegan is not in the picture. She (like her mother) apparently has a fear of clowns. They are so creepy!
Here are all the excited kids just before we rode away. (Paul, Luke, Brodie, Macie and Raegan)
Here are the best buds Macie and Raegan.
My camera ended up dying while we were at the zoo, so Sonya took more pics for me. I did manage to get a couple of cute pics. Here are the girls again.
THIS was the highlight of the trip! We got to ride a camel! I couldn't believe that she not only rode it, but she cried when we had to get off. We went to see the elephants next (which is her favorite animal) and she wanted to ride them too. Unfortunately, that was not an option.
Here she is checking out the butterflies in the pond.
Yep, I decided to leave my little "animal" in a cage at the Zoo. She would make a pretty cute exhibit don't you think!
Now, as I've said before we can't seem to travel without someone (usually Raegan) getting sick. So after she woke puffy eyed and snotty nosed we ended our trip with a stop by the Urgent Care at our Peds' office. She had a severe ear infection and what seemed to be an allergy attack. We are a little more rested after a night spent at home, and hopefully her antibiotics will kick in soon. Drew had a fun time at Nana's too. He loved getting ALL of Nana and Grandad's attention and hugs and kisses.


Julie Hamill said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates clowns. They ARE creepy! And I can remember riding those camels on a field trip in Kindergarten (I think). Glad y'all had fun.

E.H. said...

Hey Amy!
It's a Nikon coolpix p80. I like it alot so far!
Looks like ya'll had fun this past weekend! Sorry Raegan was sick! Hope she's feeling better!