Sunday, May 25, 2008

Visit with Mom-O

After church today, we visited with my grandmother, or as Raegan calls her "Mom-O". It's hard to believe that my grandmother is 94 years old, and still gets around as well as she does. She had a big dinner fixed when we arrived (though she does let her daughters help a little now). Here she is snuggling with Drew. And yes, Drew is going to be a thumb sucker Drew definitely took up with Mom-O, and she seemed to love it!
After dinner, we headed to the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. Here we are just posing with Mom-O... she sure doesn't look 94!!! Mom-O and Raegan were the only smart ones who wore hats. Doesn't she look cute in her sunhat.
We always go up on Memorial Day and put new flowers up on my granddads grave. Well, this year we had extra help. Mom and I had already arranged these flower, but as you can see Raegan didn't think it was finished.
She worked very hard making sure that everything looked just right. Check out the concentration with that tongue stuck out.
Not sure why she thought a random stick would look nice in it :)
Raegan is a Daddy's girl, and here she is snuggled up to him just before we left. I loved this picture!
She is waving bye to the camera.

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