Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yesterday, the kids (4 legged ones included) and I headed up to the Ratliff's house for a little play date. Lisa and Ryan also joined us and I'm pretty sure they all had a blast. I didn't pull out the camera until the end of the day, but here are just a few shots. I just sat Drew in this toddler swing to see if he would like it, and after about 20 seconds on it... he fell asleep. I couldn't leave him here in the sun and had to wake him up just to get him out, but I'm thinking that he really liked it. He looked so precious!
Raegan and Macie decided to swing with Drew too.
Here is Ryan taking a turn on the "horse"
I just had to get a shot of this little tantrum of Raegan. She was very upset that Drew was in the swing and was telling him to "Share".
She finally got her turn after a little scolding from her mama, and here is Macie pushing her. Don't you love Macie's shades!
Raegan was taking off in this little car. She would have given Fred Flintstone a run for his money :)
Here are all our dogs taking a break from the sun.
Brodie didn't seem to care that this car was pink.
This was just this morning. Drew has always loved to suck on his fingers, but just recently he has been sucking his thumb as well. He really prefers his fingers to the paci. Doesn't he just look sweet.

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Julie Hamill said...

Matthew looks exactly the same sucking his thumb - how adorable! Doesb't it make such a difference to get out of the house?