Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two babies

Here lately, Raegan has been having a few regression issues. I'm not sure why all this suddenly started, but hopefully it won't last long. She hasn't had a paci for about 3 months now, but just the other day she came in with Drew's paci in her mouth. She had been doing very well with using the potty, but suddenly every time I change Drew's diaper, she declares that it is Raegan's turn to change her diaper and doesn't want to use the potty. And I found her in Drew's little swing just today. What a sight! I guess she is still kind of a baby herself. I don't have pictures of our episode last night, but I'll give you a quick recap. Drew has been spitting up a lot here lately, so his ped recommended adding rice to my milk and see if it helps. (No I don't really have time to pump all day, so we don't do this often) Anyway, half way through I stop to burp him. Raegan is sitting very quietly beside me, so that should have been my first clue she was into something:) I look over just in time to see her take a drink of Drew's bottle, start gagging, and then begin vomiting all over me, herself, Drew and the couch. Tony came home to a huge mess last night and no dinner. Not one of our best days, but at least we survived and we did manage to get the smell out of the couch. (Let me know if you'd like to know how to take care of that.) Today was a new day and we did manage to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine. Here is the little man enjoying the great outdoors. He looks so big now!

His new favorite thing... getting his toes. He can almost get them to his mouth.
Silly girl cheesing for the camera.
Hopefully, tomorrow will not have too many surprises around the corner :)

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Julie Hamill said...

There is definitely nothing dull about being a mother!