Friday, May 9, 2008

They really do love each other!

I've been told that you will never get as much joy as when you see your children play and interact with each other. I got to see this the other day, and I must admit I puffed up like any proud mother would (that is until Raegan started yanking Drew's hand out of his sleeve) Drew was absolutely rolling laughing at Raegan, and didn't seem to mind the rough play. Silly me was taking pictures when I should have been videoing, but I did manage to get a little of his laughter on video. It's a little rough since it was taken with my camera and not my video camera, but you get the main idea.

Here are some of the pictures I got of him laughing at her. They had lots of fun with this little game of Where is Drew's hand?

Makes you giggle just looking at it.
I tried to get them both to lay here and take a picture. Raegan wasn't in the mood to sit still, but Drew was very cooperative.
These were about the best I could do.
I always love Drew's expressions. His eyes just get so big when you pull out the camera.
Raegan modeling just the hood of her raincoat. She kept saying, "My jacket go?" Not only was she wearing the hood without the jacket, but she wore it for about 10 minutes and brushed her teeth the whole time. She IS my daughter and is just as obsessed about her teeth as I am. This picture tells alot about our days here at the Roop household :) By the end of the day we are all crazy and the house is a wreck!
We just love the many faces of our little man Drew. He is practicing blowing spit bubbles (which he does ALOT!)
And of course, that precious little grin.

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