Tuesday, September 30, 2008

24 hours

Sometimes 24 hours is all the time you need to change your life. My sweet husband took me along one of his CPE (continuing professional education) trips to Asheville, NC where we stayed for a mere 24 hours at The Grove Park Inn . It was the best, albeit shortest, vacation of my life. Being a stay at home mom, as many of my friends are, you find that you relish any time that you get to spend without the company of your children. Not because you don't love your children, but because you sometimes forget what it's like to just be a grown-up. Tony and I left Sunday after church for our little getaway. We got to drive listening to our own music, talk about grown up issues, enjoy the beautiful scenic drive, and hold hands for as long as we wanted (without turning around and picking up sippy cups, handing somebody a toy, wiping snot off noses, etc.) We stopped by the Biltmore Estate and visited the winery for a wine tasting. We had dinner without any "trips to the bathroom" and without wearing any of our food or yelling at Raegan to sit down. We strolled around exploring the resort without a care in the world. Not only did we get to have an entire afternoon/evening to ourselves, but I also got to be pampered the next day at the resort Spa. I spent a full 6 hours just floating in the mineral pool, soaking in the hot tub, sitting in the steam room, lounging outside in the sun, and I got a pedicure to boot. I don't think I have ever enjoyed just being by myself so much. This trip definitely renewed me! Not only do I feel closer to my husband, but I got to spend some much needed time with my Lord and Savior. I don't always get quite time to just sit and pray. I got to do that yesterday and it was like a revival of my soul. I feel like a new woman and it only took 24 hours. Thank you Tony for taking me with you. You may never know how much I needed this for us and for me. I love you! And thank you mom for being the willing one to care for my snotty nose children.

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Amy (Hall) Smith said...

YEAYYY Amy! I'm SO jealous, but SO glad you got that time away. I LOVE the Grove Park Spa. My friends and I all saved up last fall to go together and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We've all been saving our pennies to go again this fall! Every mother needs to do something like that every now and then. Even if we always made for of women who "did that kind of thing":) I would spend every spare cent on that and have no clothes or groceries for a month...although the family wouldn't be too happy about that :) That eucalyptus breathing room, the chilled peppermint washclothes....ahhhh, heaven. I never wanted to leave.