Friday, January 4, 2008

Changes in our home

Well, here we go with a new year, and a new blog site. I've been wanting to change the name of our site for awhile since we are no longer just 3 Roops. You will still be able to few all our old pictures on our address, but I just felt like I needed to make this change. We didn't want little Drew to feel left out.

Speaking of little Drew, he is getting a little chubbier every day. He and I are at home alone today, and it's really quite!!! Raegan went to spend the day with her "Doot" (my aunt whom she absolutely adores), so Drew and I have been doing a little bonding. It's funny because when he is awake, we just look at each other like, "Why is it so quite in here, and where is that little girl who loves to rub my head?" It's been nice to have a day to sit back and relax. So far, it's been pretty easy having two kids rather than one. I keep waiting for Drew to really "wake up" and for Raegan to break down over the fact that this new baby hasn't gone away. I'm sure things will get harder in the days to come, but for now I'm enjoying all the help from our family and friends and just trying to recuperate from the whole birthing process. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the recent days.

Getting chubbier every day!
This was taken today, and I had to chuckle when I saw him snoozing like this. It's like he was saying "Yeah, I get mama all to myself today" :) Check out that wild hair too. We finally gave him his first bath last night, and got all the grease out of his hair. It got a little lighter and a lot fuller. I think he might have a little natural wave to his hair. I don't know where that came from!
I love how innocent they look when they sleep.
I just love those baby yawns.
He just looks so "chill" in this picture. So far, as long as you feed him every couple of hours he's good. This was taken two days ago and I'm not kidding, he is already fatter. He loves to eat!Here is the wild big sister testing out Drew's bouncy seat. Sadly, she still fits the weight limit for the chair. She was making her "sour pickle" face in this one. Here is the sweet big sister sharing her crayons with her baby brother.
Just what every newborn needs, a pile of crayons to write with :)She likes to give him kisses.I don't know if you can read her shirt or not, but it says "I'm the big sister"Here is Raegan with her pink Santa hat on. We still haven't managed to open our Christmas gifts yet, so she is trying to keep the spirit alive by wearing the hat. Sonya was the entertainer when visiting the other night. Drew loves to snuggle up!

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Nae and Clara said...

I like the new look and the blog title is very creative :) I think it's funny that Reagan rubs Drews head to feel his hair - over the holidays some friends visited with their little boy who is totally bald. Gabe kept rubbing his head he thought it felt so funny to not have any hair. Glad ya'll are doing so well.