Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lots of fun

We seem to have lots of funny moments to take pictures of these days. Here are just a few highlights of our week. This is the best family picture we could get of all of us. It's a little off center, but we had one hyper little girl so we had to act fast! We didn't even plan for the girls and boys to match :)
Here is yet another picture of Raegan holding baby Drew.
This picture makes me laugh because Drew looks a little scared :) Raegan was going in for a hug and kiss for her baby brother.
Here is the "hug". She lays her head on him and says "Ooh".
This is more like her... she is tickling him. Can't you just see sneakiness in her eyes :)
This may never happen again, so I took a picture to prove that she actually shared her precious "Buppie" with Drew. That's definitely true love!
Here is my little stylist fixing her hair at her new vanity her mamaw got her for Christmas. Don't you love how lady like she is riding her chair like a horse.
I just thought this was sweet. Drew was snuggling with Junetta and he was so cozy!
We are excited because so far he will actually let us snuggle him. Here he is with his Nana.
Our ever-entertaining little girl wearing her "little red riding" hood. Mom said she looked like she had one of those old time football helmets on :)
And last, her is just a random picture that Tammy sent me from Christmas. It's Ben giving Raegan a Christmas kiss. Don't they look cute in there Christmas jammies.

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