Saturday, January 12, 2008

On the mend

For those who don't know, we have had a whirlwind of a week!!! Not only were we trying to adjust to having two babies, but one of them fell very ill. Mom and I had to take Drew for his 2 week checkup on Monday, so we left Raegan with her "Doot" (my aunt). We had just gotten settled at the Drs office when I get a call from Doot that Raegan had started throwing up. Within about 10 minutes, her eyes had rolled back in her head, her lips had turned blue, and she was completely limp. After a ride in an Ambulance to the ER, they decided she had a febrile seizure. At the time, however, Doot said she thought Raegan was dying. It was a very traumatic event, and after much prayer and many sleepless nights I think we all have recovered. Apparently, these seizures are pretty common in young children and cause no long term effects. I now obsessively check Raegan temperature 3 times a day, but she is doing fine. We are very thankful for all the prayers that went up on our family's behalf and ask that you continue to pray that nothing like this ever happens again.

On a lighter note, here are some goofy pics we did manage to take somewhere in the chaos.
This is one of my favorites. Yes, that is a nursing pad on our sons head. Whenever I'm nursing Drew, Raegan comes up and puts the pad on Drew's head calling it his "hat". Here is a sweet one of Daddy and Drew. Tony insists he wasn't sleeping, just resting his eyes :)
Raegan loves to hold her baby brother. She has been very loving towards him. I thought these were cute of the two kiddos.
Notice how happy Raegan is, and how unhappy little Drew is :)
I always love to catch those sweet baby grins. He always does it when nodding off to sleep.
We finally had enough hair for Raegan to need a trim. She had these long whispy layers on top, and the hair underneath is just now growing. Here is the before picture.
And here is the after. She looks so cute with her new "Do"
Here is Raegan just chilling out in her favorite chair. I just thought she looked hilarious all layed back.

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