Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little man and a playdate

Here is our little man. Isn't he a handsome little thing. He is such a sweet, cuddly baby. We took him for his two week checkup yesterday and he weighs 7 lbs and 9 oz. He has almost gained 1 1/2 lbs from when he left the hospital. Not to bad for two weeks. He does LOVE to eat though. So who do you think he looks like?? No one in our family can decide. As my Uncle Ken say, "He looks like Drew!" :)
Here is the big sister checking out her little bro. We have decided that he will probably outgrow her in a year (two at the most :)
Just hanging out. His hair looks red in this picture. We haven't decided what color his hair is, but for now we are calling it auburn. It's looks kinda red and kinda brown and sometimes even blond... weird.
Loving my baby boy.
Our best friends Sonya, Macie and Brodie came for a little playtime with Raegan today. We always love when they come to visit. The girls always chase each other with Brodie wandering around. His favorite thing is "getting" Raegan. He used to just tackle her, and she would squeal. Now, she sometimes tries to run, but usually just lets him love on her. They are all very funny together. Drew just sat back and watched all the extra action.
Here is the whole gang of kids Sonya and I have. Yep, that's FOUR kids under THREE!!! We had such a good time. My little Diva!
Going in for the hug.
This was so funny, because Raegan kept saying "My Mac, My Mac". She was jealous that her Macie was holding Drew. That's the first time she has acted jealous about somebody she knows and loves holding her little brother.

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