Monday, January 28, 2008

Week in review

I've been quite the slacker about posting pictures this past week. We had a very busy week, but still managed to take lots of pictures. These were taken yesterday at my grandmothers house. This was Drew's first time visiting his great-grandmother Estelle. He was very willing to let her snuggle him.Here's Rae checking out to see if Mom Owens is holding Drew right.Here is our little snuggle bug resting on Grandad's shoulder. His eyes look greasy because he has medicine in them. He has eye infections from blocked tear ducts :(
For those of you who love "Christmas Story" with little Randy in his snow suit... you will love these pictures. We were so excited it was (kinda) warm today and we got to head outside to play while Drew napped inside. I may have overdressed her a little since it did get up to 50 degrees, but I really wanted to try out her snowsuit. She looked so cute!!!
We did manage to find a little snow to throw snowballs with. She loved it!
Our yard was a muddy mess, but that didn't stop us from playing soccer, chasing the dogs, and riding her wagon. She did take quite a few nosedives and got pretty nasty... but she had such a good time. She didn't care for her hands getting muddy though. We had to keep wipes handy to clean them off. This is her favorite baby doll. She loves to carry her around by the headband, kinda like a purse.
Don't worry, this isn't her baby brother she is dragging around. It's her baby doll again. My two kiddos checking each other out. Raegan looks so much bigger now!Here is Drew's first tub bath. Check out that big belly! He's not a huge fan of the bath just yet.
He did love staring at my vanity lights though.
Here he is napping in his swing. He still sleeps ALOT!
I couldn't resist taking pics of those precious tiny feet. My kids had the skinniest little feet.
Notice the double chin... we had him weighed on Friday while at the Dr and he is up to 9 lbs and 6 oz!!! He's gained 3 lbs in 4 weeks. Raegan didn't weigh that much until she was 2 months old and she weighed more at birth. We really think he will pass her up by his first birthday :)
Last but not least, another shot of a day out with our friends the Ratliffs. It cracks me up that we have to have FOUR car seats to go anywhere. We always have fun though.

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