Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My kiddos

Here are just a few random shots of the kiddos. First we have our soon to be Michelin tire baby :) Okay, so he's not quite that chubby yet, but he's working on it. I can't believe how much he has changed. He is definitely much easier than Raegan ever was. He is a very laid back little guy. As long as you feed him (often :) and keep his tail clean, he's good to go. This first one is my favorite. He looks so sweet. He loves to just hang out in my Boppy.
I love the "Ooh" face.
He looks like he's reaching out to get me.
And of course, the much loved paci which is as big as his face. It's funny, we thought Raegan would be jealous since Drew gets his paci anytime and she only gets hers at nap time and at bed time now. She actually just likes to make sure that Drew has his at all times. I guess she thinks as long as one of them has all is well.
And here is our wild child. She has become quite the little drama queen. She is very animated with everything she does. Her latest thing is sitting in a big girl chair. She is saying cheese in this one, but needed to put her hand up to make it look even cuter.
This is her lovely "funny" face.
This one is funny, because we say Raegan has shifty eyes now. You can just see guilt all over her face.
Here she is opening yet another Christmas present. Sadly, she still hasn't opened all of her presents. Since we had an unexpected arrival the day after Christmas when we originally planned to open our presents, we've just let them sit around waiting to be opened. It's been nice, since we can open one every week or so (especially on those long days when you just need something new to do). This picture was actually taken just before Raegan fell off the chair. Don't worry, she was fine.

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